3 Reel Slots

Some slots which appear to have been around forever are the 3 Reel slots, and to be fair these were in fact the first slot machines to appear both online and in land based venues, and whilst offering a very basic type of game play you will still find plenty of them available to play.

The playing structure of all 3 reel slot games are simple to understand, with just three reels in play on each of them this reduces the number of paylines available and the very few 3 Reel slots which offer bonus type rounds have basic variations of these bonus games on offer.

Different Types of 3 Reel Online Slots

Below you will find the different types of 3 Reel slot games which you will find online. If playing online slots which are very easy to play and understand is something you are looking to do then the slots listed below will be the ones you will find more than enough of online.

  • Classic Slots – The Classic slots are by far the fastest playing slot games you will find online, with just three reels and one payline then you will be able to play lots of games per session. No bonus rounds can be triggered and you simply need to keep on clicking the start button to find out your fate!
  • Multi Line 3 Reel Slots – There are quite a few 3 Reel slots which let you play more than one payline per spin, you will find some offer 3 lines and some offer 5 lines. It is worth noting that some of these types of slot games offer a larger jackpot for spinning in jackpot symbols on certain lines, which are often the additional lines (line 3 on a 3 line slot and line 5 on a 5 line slot etc)!
  • Progressive 3 Reel Slots – Plenty of 3 Reel slot games which offer a progressive jackpot can be accessed online, and many of these progressive slots will share a similar structure, and this will mean the only way you can win the jackpot is by spinning in the jackpot symbols on the payline but only when playing maximum coins, so be aware of this fact should you decide to play them!
  • 3 Reel Slots with Bonus Games – Only a few 3 Reel slots offer a bonus type game, and the most common types of these found online will involve you having to play maximum coins and then spin in on the payline a special symbol. Once this symbol has been spun in you get to spin a special bonus wheel whereby once you have set the wheel in motion, and it comes to a stop, depending where it stops you will win a set amount of coins.

You will also find other types of bonus games however it is the wheel spinning ones which are the most popular ones. In virtually all cases however you will need to be playing maximum coins or maximum lines on these bonus 3 Reel slots to have a chance of triggering the bonus games on offer. Most casino’s offer both online slots for real money and for play money. It is usually a good idea to play each slot game in ‘play mode’ first to understand the game better before playing with real money.