A beginners guide to betting on sports

For someone who is new to online betting, depositing your own money into an unknown website account can be an understandably cagey experience. However, tens of thousands of people in the UK and millions worldwide place numerous bets online every day without any hesitation. We wrote this article for those who may have not placed bets before and we try to address the most common questions the majority of beginners ask.

1. Which sites should I place my bets on?

There are many reputable online betting sites out there and the chances are you have heard of a lot of them. William Hill, 888, Paddy Power and SkyBet are 4 of the top UK bookmakers that are available online and all of them would make fine choices for you to sign up and place your bets at. We list only reputable bookmakers on this site or you may wish to do visit a portal which reviews online bookmakers. This site covers most of them.

2. Is my money safe with online betting sites?

Stick to the well known brands that have a good reputation and you can’t go wrong. William Hill, for example, have been providing an online betting service since 1998 and have been an active bookmaker since 1934. I personally have accounts at all 4 of the bookmakers mentioned and have not had a single problem with deposits, withdrawals or my bets.

3. How do I fund my account?

The easiest way to fund your account at a bookmakers is by debit or credit card. Deposits are made instantly and there are no fee’s. There are also numerous other ways to deposit money into your account such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Bank transfer.

4. If I win how long does it take to get my winnings?

Withdrawal times vary from site to site but you can expect withdrawals to reach your bank account within 2-3 working days with most top bookmakers.

5. Which sports can I bet on?

You name it and you can bet on it. From popular betting markets such as football, tennis and boxing, to international sports like ice hockey, volleyball and baseball, you can view the live odds and bet on it all. You can even bet on politics and tv shows!

6. Are the bonuses and promotions advertised for real?

Many online bookmakers offer new and existing customers various bonuses and promotions to keep them using their site and not competitors sites. The promotions are most certainly genuine but there is almost always terms and conditions with each promotion which you should most definitely read up on. The most common promotions are deposit bonuses, also called sign up bonuses. A typical sign up bonus would be something like : “£20 Free Bet when you sign up”. Some bookmakers do simply give you a £20 free bet to new customers but some do add some small print in the T&C’s. A typical condition to the bet would be that you must deposit and bet £20 before you receive you free £20 bet. Also, You will almost always not be allowed to keep the stake from the free bet. Only the winnings. However, this makes sense as if customers were allowed to keep the stake they would simply sign up and withdraw the £20. Most promotions are worth taking advantage of and provide a great chance to miniseries your risk on your bets but it is always worth reading the terms and conditions just to make sure.

One of the best betting sites for promotions is Willam Hill who regularly have cashback offers for big events. Just recently they paid back over £2million to customers when Andy Murry won Wimbledon as there promotion was to refund all losing bets on Wimbledon winners if Andy Murry won the tournament. This was an excellent promotion considering he was ranked number 2 in the world at the start of the tournament!


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If you have any questions regarding betting online, you are more than welcome to email us via our contact page and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Remember to stick with the reputable online bookmakers and to always bet responsibly.