Online Slots

Online SlotsSlots are gambling machines that feature a screen with spinning symbols over several reels and nowadays are powered by a computer technology that makes them appear on a random basis. These machines are played by inserting coins, or so called credits (online slots) and simply pushing a button to spin the symbols on reels. In order to win, slot machine has to stop with symbols in a specific order. Usually one will have to spin similar symbols on an active pay line for a payout to be awarded. However, there are a couple special symbols that we’ll look at a little bit later in the article. For now, we can just say that slot machines are likely the most popular type of gambling and provide a large amount of entertainment while requiring little to no skill at all.

Types of Slot Machines

There are thousands of slot machines available for play at both, online and land based casinos. All of them can be divided into a handful types, though. The main difference in types is in the amount of reels, extra functionality and graphical experience. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Video Slots – the most entertaining and visually appealing variation of slots. These are also often considered as modern slots because they stand out by offering outstanding graphical experience as well as sounds. Most of the time video slots feature 5 reels and at least 20 pay-lines. The latter can go up into the hundreds, though. If you’re a passionate video games fun, this is exactly the slots type you should be playing.
  • Classic Slots – also known as fruit machines in the UK or one armed bandits, these are more old fashioned machines. If you were around in the 70s or 80s you probably remember these, as they were placed and played in just about any pub or a bar. Usually featuring 3 reels and just a handful pay lines they might sound boring, but technological achievements have also improved the gameplay in these.

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  • Progressive Slots – even though this isn’t a specific type like the first two, we like to keep them separate because there are many players out there, who are looking for exactly these kinds of machines. Progressive Slots can be both, classic and video ones, but with one significant addition – a progressive jackpot that can be won by fulfilling a specific set of rules. Usually jackpots can be won by spinning particular symbols on reels or through a bonus game. To give you a decent idea about the size of these, I’m writing this a day after the largest online slots progressive jackpot has been won – over 18 million euros.
  • 3D Slots – a relatively recent addition to the online slots world, which explains the lack of them at many online casinos. 3D slots offer a truly staggering gaming experience and one that can feel like pretty much real life experience. If you’ve ever read the description of slots, it’s usually something along the lines of this ”take a trip to the mythical island, where amazing things happen” and these are the slots that somewhat live up to that description.
  • Arcade Slots – remember playing games on your ”Sega” computer in late 90s? Arcade Games bring this experience back and in an improved quality. Best of all, you can actually win some heavy payouts by playing these!
  • MultiSpin Slots – another recent innovation in the slots world are these multi spin machines. Make up to 16 spins with a single click of a button and win with a 16 times higher frequency. This is a perfect addition as it increases the amount of entertainment hugely, you’ll be winning in pretty much every spin you make.

Symbols in Slots

We won’t be describing every symbol that can be found at slot machines, as that makes no sense and isn’t humanly possible. There are some special symbols that are definitely worth paying attention, though. These two are the so called ”Wilds” and ”Scatters”, lets take a look at what does each of them mean and well, offer ?!

  • The Wild Symbol is one that can substitute for any other symbol, except scatters and bonus symbols in some games. It’s the most valuable symbol in any slot machine that features one and will often double, triple or even quadruple your winnings.
  • The Scatter Symbol is one that usually awards a very nice payout as well as either activates the bonus game or awards the player with free spins. What are free spins? That’s exactly our next topic.

Free Spins Feature

Most modern slot machines feature function of the so called free rounds or spins. This is basically a free roll and a chance to win cash with no risk at all. To activate it, you will usually have to spin at least 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Free rounds will now be awarded and depending on the machine you play, this can be anywhere between 10 and 50. Often these spins will be given an extra multiplier of all winnings, again depending on the slot, anywhere between 2 and 8.

Slot Playing Tips & The House Edge

Slots are great fun, no doubt about that, but they’re also machines that are programmed to make profit for the casino. You’ve probably heard about those ”smart” guys that think they can beat slots and actually make a living playing them. If you’re one of them, please stop. Unless there’s an error or slot is not functioning as it is supposed to, you won’t make profit long term. Usually slots feature a pay out rate of anywhere between 90 to 99%, with the latter being more true for online slots. This means that, when you play slots, you expect to loose anywhere between $1 – $10 on every $100 wagered. This is of course true longterm and short term luck highly affects this statistic.

Here are some basic tips that will help you to get the most of your slots playing experience and hopefully make you some profit!

  • Manage money – have a pre set amount that you can risk with, before you start to play.
  • Play Sober – don’t get drunk and play slots, that’s simply a bad idea. You will loose your head along with every penny in your wallet.
  • Play Slots with High Payout Rates – the higher the payout rate, the better your chances at booking a profit. Search for slots that pay out over 95%.
  • Play Slots with Progressive Jackpots offered – having a shot at becoming a millionaire can never hurt, do you agree? Choose slots that offer several bonus features, free spins and a Jackpot up for grabs, you never know if you’ll get lucky!