Poker sites for USA players

USA Poker

Playing poker online from within the UK is pretty simple. However, for poker players in the USA it has become a nightmare. For a few years now, gambling online for real money has been illegal in most US states, making it tough for millions of poker players in the US to play their favorite game […]

The Basics of Poker

poker basics

This guide will cover the basic rules and terms for playing Texas Hold’em poker. Texas hold’em isn’t a hard game to learn, but to master it at the highest levels takes years of experience. As with most card games, there is an element of luck involved in becoming a winning poker player but skill in […]

Poker Bonuses 101 – All You Need to Know About Them

Poker Bonuses

Poker is an unique form of gambling, unlike casino games, online poker is not played against the house, but instead between real human players. This completely changes the whole aspect and makes poker one of the most exciting games to play and learn. We already made a Casino Bonuses 101 article, which includes everything one […]

Play at the Aussie Millions for Free

Aussie Millions Image

The Aussie Millions is one of the worlds biggest poker events. Played over 18 days, running from 27th January 2013 – 2nd Febuary 2013, players can compete in 26 events with millions of pounds of prizes up for grabs. Fancy playing in this tournament for free? Well Party Poker is now offering all poker players […]

Top 3 UK Poker Sites

Uk Poker Sites

Thankfully, UK players have a wide choice of online poker rooms to choose from compare to countries where there are online gambling restrictions such as the USA. If you’re looking for a poker site to play at then a few things you should consider are : The poker sites traffic (How many players are online […]