Martingale Betting System

The Martingale.SystemThe Martingale is likely the most popular betting system in the world and is mostly used for even money bets in Roulette. If you’ve seen the so called ”Red or Black” strategy, you already know what Martingale is. The whole system is based on the rule of gamblers fallacy – an event that hasn’t occurred is more likely to occur in the next round or spin. This is of course far from the truth and each round of play is individual, be it Roulette, Blackjack or any other casino game. Funnily enough, Martingale was used way back, when casinos weren’t a thing not even talking about the Internet and gambling online. Lets move ahead and check how this betting system can be applied to various casino games.

How to apply Martingale?

On top of being one of the most popular betting systems, Martingale is also one of the simplest ones to use and apply to just about any casino game. The simplest example could be playing roulette and betting on either the red or black number to be spun.

  • You bet $10 on the red and lose – Martingale suggests that you should double your wager when losing.
  • You bet $20 on the red and lose – double your wager again.
  • You bet $40 on the red and lose – double your wager again.
  • You bet $80 on the red and finally win! You get an even money payout of $160 total ($80 profit) and are now winning your initial wager ($10).
  • You bet $10 again and start the whole system from beginning.

As you can see, the system is really simple to apply, but we’d only suggest doing so for even money bets that feature a high frequency of payouts and a chance of winning. If you’ll be betting on a single number in Roulette, chances are that you will go broke way before coming even close to winning.

It’s as easy to apply this strategy when playing other games too. It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing. You can use it in BlackJack, Baccarat or Sic Bo as well as when playing slots. The latter might be a really bad idea though, as slots do not offer an even money payout bets.

So Martingale is a sure thing?

No, not even close. Even though from the first glance it might seem like a sure and winning strategy, it is flawed. You see, each spin is individual and still features the same old house edge. There is no betting system or strategy that can change it, with a couple of exceptions like card counting in BlackJack. You’re still at a disadvantage versus casino longterm and nothing will change that unless you cheat.

Another reason for the Martingale system not to be a winning one is the high risk of ruin. For example, in Roulette it’s really easy to loose 10 spins in a row, when betting on Red or Black, this would lead into you making enormous wagers and eventually if you don’t go broke, you’ll simply run into a betting limit each casino has.

Why Use Martingale if it doesn’t help to gain an edge over the casino?

So even though this betting system, just like any other, won’t help you to gain an edge over the house, there still are several advantages a player will enjoy by using it.

1. Focusing – if you follow a betting strategy, you’ll playing a system. You can even decide on how much you want to risk before entering a casino. Trust me, when applying a system, you’ll be too busy to get drunk and loose control over your play.

2. It’s Fun – for the most part fun is the main factor why people gamble in the first place. Adrenaline pumping through your veins and you praying for that lucky spin or a card. Applying a system like Martingale will surely generate some extra excitement for your casino play, plus if you ”run good”of there’s a chance you might make a serious amount money!

3. Limits – use of a betting system limits the swings, even though Martingale might not be a great example of this at all, the majority of betting systems are designed to work in a way that you hold a chance at winning loads by risking very little.

Best Casino for the Martingale Betting System

This might feel like a wrong title as how can there be a casino that is better for using Martingale than the other one? Well, it’s quite simple as when using this system, there’s a high chance that you might end up betting a small fortune at the tables. You’ll need a casino that offers high betting limits at the games you want to play. On top of that, as you’ll be wagering a relatively large amount of cash, chances are that you will wager enough to play through some bonuses! We’ve went through our list of casinos that we like and decided on the best one for this system.

  • William Hill Casino – founded in the 40s, William Hill has came a long way and battled one of the top spots in online gambling. Players from around the world enjoy the top notch service with exceptional customer support, variety of games and HIGH BETTING LIMITS. William Hill Casino have developed special high roller tables that allows to wager up to £50,000 per single hand of BlackJack or in a spin of Roulette. On top of everything else, it’s one of the most trusted and reputable companies in the world.

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