Due to the rising popularity of online poker in the last 10 years, poker players now have a huge choice of places to play poker online. So where should you play? That depends on what you’re looking for. Some poker sites have bigger sign up bonuses than others, some have VIP programs which are great for regular and high stakes players and some have a larger selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. These are just a few of the factors that can make choosing an online poker site to play at a rather confusing decision.

New players to online poker usually have the same initial questions :

Where should I play?

Where to play poker?As mentioned above, there are many poker rooms online and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at our ‘best poker sites‘ article to see which poker sites we recommend. If you are from UK or Europe then you do not have to worry about gambling regulations as online gambling is completely legal and so you have the pick of every online poker site available. If you are from the USA then you have a slightly more limited choice. Please see our USA Poker sites for a guide on where to play.

We have reviewed each and every poker site that we mention on this site and you can find every site review in our poker site review section. Each review goes into detail about various factors for each poker site and our overall rating out of 10 is a good indication on whether you should consider playing there or not.

Are my money and details safe?

Is my poker money safe?I’ve been playing poker online for around 10 years and have not had a single problem with security. Depositing at an online poker site carries the same risk as any online transaction you might make. Purchasing your Christmas presents online, paying your electricity bill or doing your online food shopping all require you to input your details and make a payment. Poker sites are professional companies that handle huge amounts of money every day. Any lack in security would see there company fail and so, as you’d expect, they invest heavily on their security software. If you stick to the established, recommended poker sites then you can relax and be assured that your funds are safe.


Why Should I play Poker Online?

Should I Play Poker Online?There are many reasons that playing poker online is beneficial to any poker player. First of all, your game will improve. The more time you play poker, the better you will get at it. It isn’t rocket science, just common sense. As you can play online poker from anywhere in the world, from almost any device with an Internet connection, you will no doubt be playing a lot more than you would do at land based poker games. So as long as you don’t start at stakes above your level, you should be able to perfect your game and become one of the best at the stakes you play at. When you have mastered a certain stake, you may be ready to move up and take on some better players. A lot of poker sites have now made there software available on mobile devices and tablets. This makes playing online poker even more accessible.

Another reason to play poker online is the weak players. Weak players do not usually play live poker games in casinos or poker clubs as they are worried they will be humiliated. However, playing online, they can hide behind their PC, walk away if they lose and return again without anyone knowing who they are. Online poker rooms are full of amateur players at the lower-medium stake tables and even an average player can make a good profit if they find the right tables.

Online poker sites run 24/7 and so you will be able to find a game of poker whatever time of day it is. An advantage of playing late at night is that there is a surprising number of intoxicated people playing at this time. You may find it tempting to switch on your PC when you get in from a night out and play a few hands of poker – DON’T DO IT! More often than not you will wake up in the morning with a bankroll of £0. However, you can take advantage of people who are stupid enough to do this and they are usually easy enough to spot at the tables. Look for players tilting and trying to win losses back with big bets that don’t make much sense.

OK, I’m ready now. What next?

Find a poker that is right for you and sign up. Take a look at our list of UK poker sites to pick a reputable one. Don’t deposit more than you can afford to lose and don’t play above stakes that you are comfortable at. If you hit a bad run, walk away. The tables will still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and so there is no rush to win your money back. If you’re a smart player you can make a good income off playing poker online. I know many poker players who have quit their jobs to play poker online full time. It’s not for everyone but it is most certainly possible. So get going and good luck at the tables.