The Paroli Betting System

Paroli SystemThe Paroli Betting system is one of the most popular betting system used by gamblers worldwide. It’s no secret that people who are passionate gamblers have been trying to come up with a system that would allow them to gain an edge over the  house (casino). What most of these people don’t realise is that no matter what kind of a system you use, the odds of a single Roulette spin or a hand of Blackjack still remain the same. Regardless of what betting system you choose to use, the odds of you winning won’t change. However, there actually are a couple of benefits of using a betting system vs. simply gambling. We will explain this further deeper into this article, but for now lets get started by checking how the Paroli Betting System works in the first place.

How The Paroli System Works

The Paroli Betting system is based on hot streaks and suggests that a player should start with a small wager and double it every time he wins. Thus, if the player wins several times in a row, a pretty significant profit can be made. Lets take a look at how we could apply this strategy at the Blackjack tables.

You open a table of single deck BlackJack and have a playing bankroll of $1,000. You decide to be careful with money management and figure out that a great way to do so would be to bet $10 as your first wager.

  • You bet $10 and win
  • You bet $20 and win
  • You bet $40 and loose
  • You bet your initial wager again ($10)

It’s as simple as that and that’s one of the main reasons why this system has enjoyed so much popularity. It is also relatively risk free, as you only double your wagers when winning, so basically anytime you bet high, you aren’t risking your initial bankroll – it all comes from your winnings. Of course, your previous wins have became your money so this statement is somewhat unreasonable, but that’s how many players who advocate this system think.

Remember: Once you loose, you have to go down and start with your initial wager again.

You might also want to limit the times of doubling your wager so you don’t end up betting too much, which might cause some serious pain in case you loose. Just limit yourself to starting the whole system all over again after winning for, lets say, 5 times:

  • You bet $10 and win
  • You bet $20 and win
  • You bet $40 and win
  • You bet $80 and win
  • You bet $160 and win – now you have already won $310, you decide that it’s a significant amount of money and decide to stop.
  • You bet $10 again

Is Paroli System a sure thing?

Once again the answer will be no, usage of Paroli Betting System won’t help you to gain an edge over the casino in any way, regardless of what game you choose to play. The house edge is completely unchanged by changing your betting paterns, thus you will still expect to be put at a disadvantage versus the house.

What’s the point of using Paroli then?

People ask this a lot. What’s the point of using a system, if it doesn’t help you to win? That’s actually a legitimate question. There are several benefits that you’ll enjoy for using a betting system in any gambling game you play:

  • Concentration – you’ll be paying attention to how much you have to wager according to system and thus will be playing by following a plan you had before you started. I’ve been gambling for years and I know how easy it is to lose your hand along with everything that your wallet consists.
  • Fun – the most important factor is this. If you end up using the Paroli System, chances are that you’ll have more fun gambling than ever before. It might help you to take large wins home if you’re lucky enough to win several times in a row.

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